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Serial Entrepreneurs

Greenhouse was established by serial entrepreneurs who understand
how to build and maintain successful businesses.

ISV Investment

We Invest In Innovation

Have you developed a software application that supports a certain business sector? We look to work with software innovations which add value to specific market verticals that also accept payments in the form of credit card, debit and checks.  Examples might be software or technology solutions for any of the following:

  • Medical – doctor’s office, dentist, chiropractors, physical therapy, veterinarians
  • Beauty and wellness – hair or nail salon, spa, yoga studio, gym, etc.
  • Retail – clothing stores, gift shops, novelty goods
  • Services – accounting firms, attorneys, auto body, storage units, marinas, parking, pet sitting, etc.

Our payment solutions can be fully integrated and customized within your system or platform. Work with our API to customize a solution to meet the unique needs of your business and offering.

With our terminal cloud you can deploy terminals to your users or locations and manage the customer experience through a single API and point of integration for card present retail transactions, over the phone or online.

We evaluate your current monthly revenue, client base, potential growth, use of funds and determine if you qualify. If so, we then proceed with a more formal underwriting process to get you funded. 

From there, we implement a funding campaign to your clients which creates additional revenue to your bottom line while your clients get the working capital they need to grow.  When they grow, you grow!

Media Funding

The Greenhouse Media Funding program has been designed around the unique needs of businesses selling direct to consumer products, including those advertising via catalog, direct mail, radio, television, Internet advertising and e-commerce. Greenhouse goes beyond traditional funding models to ensure your business retains sufficient cashflow to run your business.

  • Greenhouse looks at the impact a successful campaign has on the cash flow of the entire business and keeps revenue in the business for day-to-day operations
  • We extend remittance schedules to reflect the sales cycle and cash flow of the merchant – as much as twice that of the industry norm, if not longer
  • Our funding costs less than competitive funding companies with payback terms that ebb and flow with your business
  • Funding includes access to our team of campaign management experts to help maximize your media spend, improve operational efficiencies, and drive increased profitability

Working Capital

Greenhouse provides short-term, revenue-based funding solutions to business in a variety of industries well beyond media funding. Tailored to each merchant’s unique needs, funding programs may be structured weekly like Media Funding or spread out over a course of several months – without requiring equity or personal collateral. The executive team at Greenhouse is proud of the history we have helping small businesses across the United States grow and expand. We know you’re busy, so the application process is quick and upon approval funding happens within a few days.

You decide where the funding goes!

  • Inventory purchases
  • Business expansion
  • Equipment or vehicle purchases/repairs
  • Remodeling
  • Hiring additional staff
  • Software and efficiency improvement purchases

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